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About A. Pulka Company

The company, based in Vilnius (Lithuania), is guided by choreographer and director Andrius Pulkauninkas (abbr.: A. Pulka) since 1999. Though it’s constantly changing the members and names, it is being faithful to the traditions of physical/visual/non-verbal theater, and thus confusing consciousness of audience with absurd experiments on the
The only Company’s form is the absence of form. The only existence’s expression is fluidity, because if one can notice the form – it means – the form is already dead. The Company propagates live improvizasions, use of natural effects and elements (fire, clay, peat, sand, etc.), and risk factors (dangerous tools, sharp instruments) as the method
to awaken the sleeping audience. The performances take place indoor as well as outdoor. The performances have strong feel of risk (2 members of the Company work as stuntmen in the cinema production as well), shock and oddity, which creates the general ironical combination of grotesque and absurdity and questions the individual’s peculiarity, personal expression, loneliness, conflict with society, meaninglessness, and emptiness of daily consuming life.
Company participates in nontraditional events, art exhibitions, concerts, cinema/video projects, dance/theater festivals. It keeps in contact with the Lithuanian and international contemporary professional dance/theater scene and contemporary movement of mimes. Stating that “there’s no border between professionals and amateurs, it’s only a border
between good and bad performance” they organize alternative festival of interdisciplinary arts Open and workshops inviting people no matter the school they belong to: professionals or amateurs, dance or theater…
The A. Pulka Company participated and received the acknowledgement in the number of international festivals covering the geographical range from Europe (Lithuania, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Kroatia, etc.) to Latin America.

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Stage performances

2013 March performance Egiukas/Žemės dainos (Egiukas/Songs of the Earth), Minsk (Belarus)
2012 November performance Prenatalis, Vilnius
2012 May performance Paklydimai/ Minimalus jautis (Fallacies/ Minimal ox), Vilnius
2011 November performance Septintoji diena (The seventh day), Vilnius
2011 October movement and sound performance Grete Poke 27, Vilnius
2011 March performance (Pri)pučiamas ((In)flatable), Vilnius
2010 April performance The best performance ever created, Vilnius
2009 April performance Social zoo, Vilnius
2008 April performance Absurdiškasis G. Beresnevičiaus kvadratas (The absurd square of G.Beresnevičius), Vilnius
2008 February performance Aš jus visus myliu/mėgstu (Ignacas)
(I.L./L.Y.V.M. Ignacas; I Like/Love You Very Much, Ignacas), Vilnius
2007 May performance Velkam:) (Drag/Welcome), Vilnius
2007 April performance Kampas (Angle), Madrid (Spain)
2007 March performance Praėję progresai su keičiamais solistais (Post Progresses With Changeable Soloists), Vilnius
2006 November performance Pasklidas (Scattered), Vilnius
2006 September solo performance Militaristas nukrito žemyn (Militarist fell
down), Revellon (France)
2006 February performance Puikios dienos pradžia (Beginning of a Wonderful Day), Vilnius
2005 June performance Laimės fabrikas (Factory of Happiness), Vilnius
2004 October performance Vienkartinis (The Disponsable), Vilnius
2004 September performance Bjaurusis (The Ugly), Vilnius
2004 February performance Duonagalvio sugrįžimas (The Return of the Breadface), Vilnius
2003 September performance The Code, Berlin (Germany)
2003 May Solo performance Dieviška pliauska (Divine chump), Vilnius
2003 March performance Skenduoliai (The Drowned), Vilnius
2002 April performance Kliudyk.lt (Inhibit.lt), Vilnius
2001 September performance Green size, Polli Tallu (Estonia)
2001 April performance Baltas Head-cleaner (White Head-cleaner), Vilnius
2001 February performance 1000 Lėktuvų (1000 Airplanes), Vilnius
2000 July solo performance King of Snake, Polli Talu (Estonia)
1999 October performance Oranžinis (Carroty), Vilnius
1999 April performance 420 smūgių (420 hits), Vilnius

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2010 Noverber Oranžinis virusas (Orange virus), Vilnius
2010 April five part performance: Prisijaukinimas, Gyvatė, Karaliaus planeta, Ritualas krentančiai žvaigždei arba rožės mirtis, Girtuoklio planeta (Domestication, Snake, King's planet, Ritual for falling star or death of rose, Drunkard's planet), Paberze
2009 June performance Mba, Raudondvaris
2008 September performance Susipykę (Splited), Kairėnai
2008 June performance Piromachas, Raudondvaris
2007 September solo performance Karoliai (The Beads), Vilnius
2006 October solo performance Žydėjimas (Flowering), Vilnius
2006 October performance Salad, Santiago del Compostelo, Lugo (Spain)
2005 May performance Aš įlipau į medį (I climbed to the tree), Zabarijos
2003 May performance/social provocation Products, Cetinia (Montenegro)
2002 June solo performances/actions: House Calling, Clinic, and Artgenda
by night, at Artgenda Festival, Hamburg (Germany)
2002 May performance Energijos taupymas (Energy Saving), Poetry
Spring Festival, Zabarijos (Lithuania)
2000 August performance 4 bobos ir lėktuvas (Four woman and the plane,
Klaipėda Sea Festival (Lithuania)
2000 May solo performance Biografija (Biography), Poetry Spring Festival
Zabarijos (Lithuania)
2000 February happening Išsileidžiančios mėsos fobija (Melt-Myth-Phobia),

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Performance Egiukas/ Žemės dainos (Egiukas/ Songs of the Earth)
2013 March
International festival of plastic arts Kufar-Plastilin, Minsk (Belarus)

Performance Paklydimai/ Minimalus jautis (Fallacies/ Minimal ox)
2012 May
International university theatre forum, Vilnius

Performance Pripučiamas (Inflatable)
2011 April
Les Fêtes internationales du Théâtre (15e édition), Québec (Canada)

Performance Aš Jus visus labai myliu/mėgstu (Ignacas)(I love/like you very much (Ignacas))
2011 April
QuongaFest, Aarhus (Denmark)

Performance Geriausias visų laikų komercinis spektaklis (The best performance ever created)
2010 April
Spring festival of Vytauta Magnum University, Kaunas

Performance Geriausias visų laikų komercinis spektaklis (The best performance ever created)
2010 April
Anniversary Vilnius University theaters' week Alma mater theatralis, Vilnius

Five part performance: Domestication, Snake, King's planet, Ritual for falling star or death of rose, Drunkard's planet
2010 April
Fairy-tale from cellar (Super of Little Pince), Paberze

Performance Mba
2009 May
Fairy-tale from cellar (Live dream), Raudondvaris

Performace Social zoo
2009 April
Traveling Interdisciplinary Art Festival Atvira'4 (Open'4), Vilnius
Unidanza X, Madrid (Spain)
2009 May
10'th Internetional Forum of University Theatre, Vilnius
2009 June
Let it be night, Vilnius

Performance Ginochondrija
Performance of poetry and movement In Virus together with group Sintezija
Performance of poetry and movement dega: žemė (burning: ground) together with group Sintezija
2009 March
Internetional festival of Chamber Theatre "Camera obscura", Ukmergė (Lithuania)

Performace Ginochondria
2008 October-Noverber
Danza Contemporania XII, Bogota and Bucaramanga (Colombia)
2008 Noverber
New Europe Dance Festival, Prague (Czech Republic)

Performance Absurdiškasis G. Beresnevičiaus kvadratas (The absurde square of G. Beresnevičius)
2008 May
9'th Internetional Forum of University Theatre, Vilnius
2008 September
Street Theatre Festival "Mosaic", Vilnius
2008 October
Other Space, Kretinga

Performance Piromachas
2008 May
Fairy-tale from cellar (Live dream), Raudondvaris
2008 July
Satta Outside, Klaipėda
2008 August
Baltic Sound, Kernavė
Moon Blackhorned, Zarasai

Performance Aš jus visus myliu/mėgstu (Ignacas) (I.L./L.Y.V.M. Ignacas; I Like/Love You Very Much, Ignacas
2008 March
Unidanza X, Madrid (Spain)
2008 August
Regenerator, Antaprūdė

Performance Kampas (Angle)
2007 April
Unidanza IX, Madrid (Spain)

Performance Praėję progresai su keičiamais solistais (Post Progresses With Changeable Soloists)
2007 March
Interdisciplinary Art Festival Atvira'3 (Open'3), Vilnius

Solo performance Militaristas nukrito žemyn (Militarist fell down)
2006 September
Verda Utopio, Revellon (France)
2006 April
Art’s Warmhouse Festival, Vilnius

Performance Laimės fabrikas (Factory of Happiness)
2005 June
New Baltic Dance Festival, Vilnius

Performance Vienkartinis (The Disponsable)
2005 April
Estudanse, Paris
2005 April
BIDU, Grenoble

Performance Bjaurusis (The Ugly)
2005 October
Meeting Place, Esbjerg (Denmark)

Performance Salad
2006 April
Danza, Santiago del Compostelo, Lugo (Spain)

Solo performance Dieviška pliauska (Divine chump),
2007 December
Fiesta, Caracas (Venesuela)
2004 January
24 m2 Dance Festival, Goetheburg (Sweden)

Performance Baltas Head-cleaner (White Head-cleaner)
2002 September
Xprimo, Malme (Sweden)
2002 September
Off-Beat Festival, Berlin (Germany)
2002 April
Young Choreographer’s Platform, Zagreb (Kroatia)
2001 September
Goetheburg Dance Festival DAB (Sweden)

Performance Kliudyk.lt (Inhibit.lt)
2002 April
New Baltic Dance Festival, Vilnius

Performance Green size
2001 September
Polli Tallu Art, Polli Tallu (Estonia)

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